We work with growth and private equity-backed software companies. Our software development consulting service helps you integrate new software companies into your portfolio. Increase synergy, drive revenue, and accelerate time to market.


of our clients have had exits


driven in value from customer buyouts


of our clients are backed by equity firms


Gain a partner you can trust. KMS has worked with many software companies, on both sides of a transaction. We understand how to mitigate risks and optimize the value of the combined assets.

Our software development consulting service helps ensure a smooth merger or acquisition. This offering encompasses managing technical debt, integrating new platforms, and accelerating the development process.

As software continues to disrupt the market, it’s important to keep up and create software your customers love.  So what makes KMS different than the other software consulting vendors?

We took some time to answer and created this simple infographic. Find out how KMS’s software development consulting services can improve your portfolio. Our services mitigate risk, reduce costs, and increase your company value.


We understand the dynamics between newly acquired software companies and investors. That insight enables us to support short-term needs while not losing sight of the company’s long-term goals.

Our experience allows us to put the right team and roadmap in place to support these goals. We have played a key role in the successful integration of several software company partners. The relationship has helped generate over $1.9 billion in value for these companies


By choosing KMS to modernize inherited technical debt, you reduce the cost of ownership. Your application will be easier to maintain and seamlessly integrate with cloud-based technologies. Your modernized legacy platform allows you to stay ahead of market needs.

Due Diligence

With our resources and expertise, KMS dives deep to evaluate potential software acquisitions. We inform you of any risks, technical debt, and future investments that you may acquire. This assessment is a resource to guide your strategic acquisition.

Tech Integration

We use automation to achieve predictable and repeatable deliveries to deployment. Depending on your needs, we can build automation solutions that are customized for your product. Or we can work with your delivery teams to choose the best automation tools.


Make the most of your investments and use our software development consulting services to ensure your ROI.