M&A Due Diligence

KMS can provide the expertise and team to efficiently and cost-effectively give you a thorough technical assessment of the technology and IP that are being considered as part of an acquisition or an investment.

  • Platform Evaluation

    KMS can provide an objective, holistic evaluation of the quality, scalability, and maintainability of the perspective software company applications.

  • Code Analysis

    KMS can leverage proprietary tools such as KA (KMS Analytics) and Industry leading tools such as Sonarcube to provide a detailed analysis of the perspective applications code basis.

  • Strategic Position

    Based upon your business objectives, KMS can provide estimates to help improve and stabilize your application through a refactoring initiative, or can also provide an initiative to re-platform your entire application.

M&A Tech Integration

In building your strategy to integrate and assimilate acquired software products, KMS can provide the technical strategy and team to integrate ISVs within your portfolio.

  • Platform Integration & Rationalization

    KMS can evaluate the different platforms and determine the best strategy for evaluating and rationalizing which aspects of each platform should be utilized, as well as optimal points of integration.

  • Data Integration

    KMS can leverage their experience with various platforms and ALM tools to determine the best strategy for migrating and consolidating the pertinent residing information into a unified view, for optimum operation.

Platform Modernization

Rapidly migrate your legacy applications to new technologies to improve product performance across your infrastructure. For a white paper built on industry data from your peers, click here.

  • Don’t Know Where To Start?

    We make it easy. Let us help you assess your current platform, evaluate what needs to be updated, select the best technologies for your new platform, and implement and deploy your new solution to improve performance across your infrastructure.

  • Turn-Key Solutions

    From beginning to end, our multi-disciplined teams have the analytical and technical skills to implement new architecture and design with minimal effort from the client in managing the process. You give us the old, we give you the new.

  • The Expert and Know-How

    We are experts in modern technologies such as Saas, AWS, Azure, Javascript Frameworks, Mobile Apps, and Microservices architecture. Additionally, we have developed our own proven approach that leverages efficient techniques such as the MMM (Mind Mapping Methodology), code decomposition, and technical business analysis in order to minimize risk and ensure high-quality code and faster turn around.


KMS can help ISVs realize a key benefit of a single platform by building the game plan, tools, and approach for moving all customers to the target platform.

  • Build Approach Tools & Processes

    KMS will evaluate the source and target environments to determine the most efficient and frictionless strategy to leverage custom-built tools and processes to most efficiently move people to the target platform.

  • Manage and Perform Migrations

    KMS can closely partner with your success and professional services organizations to manage or supplement the customer migration program.

Applications Maintenance & Support

Our metrics-driven application maintenance and support framework reduces your support costs and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Better Than Duct Tape

    We do more than provide temporary fixes to defects. We use innovative tools and proven processes to improve product quality, resulting in reduced support costs.

  • Focus on the Future

    Let us handle all product maintenance and support so that your internal resources can continue to focus on your core competency without risking your product’s integrity.

  • Always Available

    Our resources are flexible and can meet any support requirements. Whether it’s around the clock or a set time frame, your support tickets will be addressed and resolved in a timely manner.




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