Agile Test Automation

Test Automation

Accelerate regression times and reduce testing costs with our expert agile test automation teams.

  • Automation Frameworks

    Our skilled technical resources can create frameworks or work within any existing automation framework to improve throughput and test coverage.

  • Test Automation ROI

    The KMS MMM (Mind Map Methodology) allows us to clearly define and prioritize key business-centric areas, reduce redundancy, and optimize your investment in Test Automation.

  • Innovative Toolset

    Reduce your upfront costs by using our free tool, Katalon Studio, to deliver a full end-to-end automation solution.


Context Driven Testing (CDT)

Test your product how it is intended to be used by real stakeholders to better meet their expectations and avoid critical product failure.

  • The Experts Know Best

    As industry thought leaders on Context Driven Testing (CDT), we understand how to best implement applicable contextual models and strategies to meet your organization’s needs.

  • Proprietary & Industry Leading Methodologies

    We use Session Based Testing and effective domain ramp-up practices such as interviews, competitor product analysis, and technology trends, along with our MMM (Mind Map Methodology) to build out requirements and workflows, effectively identifying and prioritizing key business-centric areas while communicating and optimizing test coverage.

  • Constant Product Improvements

    We utilize QASymphony’s eXplorer to accelerate testing and improve documentation for better collaboration and product updates and enhancements.

Context Driven Testing (CDT)
Operational Readiness Lifecycle Testing

Operational Readiness Testing

Test your product for all its evolving characteristics, such as performance, integration, and data integrity, to ensure it exceeds your customer’s needs and expectations.

  • More Than Features & Functions

    Our innovative approach to functional and nonfunctional testing supports the evolving maturity of applications, utilizing tools and advanced techniques, such as CDT, to ensure the product meets expectations in all areas, outside of just functions or workflows.

  • Early bug detection and prevention

    Eliminate flaws and minimize defect leakage in the early testing stages, when it is most cost-effective to resolve and prevent reoccurrence of these issues.

  • High Quality Product Releases

    Ensure the highest quality versions of your product are delivered with minimal risk of faulty software after our team thoroughly tests throughout all facets of product development.


Mobile Testing

Test your mobile applications on a variety of devices and operating system versions to ensure all scenarios are covered.

  • Seamlessly Move to Mobile

    Utilize automation testing to validate functionality and mobile readiness for a smooth transition to a Mobile platform.

  • Only the Best

    There is no risk of wasting time and money on the wrong or deprecating toolset. Our experts will handpick the exact right tools that meet your enterprise objectives and budget. We leverage Cloud Services like Katalon and BrowserStack to keep costs down and streamline mobile testing on a wider variety of devices.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Implement a mobile testing framework and real devices with tools like Kobiton in order to keep up with the constant need for testing major and minor app updates, as your app evolves to stay ahead of the market.

Mobile Testing - Agile Testing

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