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Data Cleaning, The Make it or Break it Step to BI Data Analytics

Oct 23, 2019 Blog, DevOps
So, your company is planning to use predictive analytics to climb ahead of the market? Smart move. But before you start to play with those shiny machine learning algorithms, you…

Small Services, Big Data: How Microservices Handle Big Data

Mar 15, 2019 Big Data Integration & Analytics, Blog
Big data plays a prominent role in today’s marketplace and companies effectively leveraging that data are experiencing big benefits. In fact, the 2017 market volume for big data was $35 Billion and…

6 Step Checklist to Ensure your Excel Report is ADA Compliant

Jan 30, 2019 Big Data Integration & Analytics
Does your company think about ADA compliance in your data reporting? Well if not, you probably should. Why? Consider this: you do not want to go through the trouble of…