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Crash Course to Testing Microservices: Part 2 Microservices Testing Tools

Jun 24, 2019 Blog, Development, Testing
Welcome back to Testing Microservices 101! In our first two lessons--err, part 1--we covered the differences between testing microservices verses monolith applications. We then went over some of the challenges…

5 Simple Strategies to Reduce Maintenance for Automation Tests

Mar 6, 2019 Blog, Testing
Automated Testing for Continuous Delivery Continuous delivery can be incredibly lucrative for companies looking to release new features quickly and stay in front of their customers’ expectations. However, without an…

Selecting Automation Candidates in Katalon

May 24, 2018 Blog, Katalon Archives
Every executive management team wants their testing teams to apply automation to their software application, and they want it started now!  The second part is easy, you can get up…