Our metrics-driven application maintenance and support framework reduces your support costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Maintaining your product and supporting your customers can be achieved efficiently and effectively by partnering with KMS.


Focus strategically on new features rather than maintenance

Add technical expertise to your multi-tier customer support team

Establish a continuous improvement mindset

Automate and proactively prepare to handle issues

Quickly diagnose and resolve challenging problems


Fix it the right way

KMS does more than fix defects. We use innovative tools and proven processes to improve product quality, resulting in better usage and less support costs.

Focus on the future

Let us handle your product maintenance and support so that your internal resources can focus on your new technologies without ignoring your existing platform.

Always available

Our resources are flexible and can meet any support requirements around-the-clock, in a set timeframe, and on the weekends and holidays.

Engineering expertise

Our team of highly-skilled engineers leverage automation and a continuous feedback loop to ensure bugs are fixed quickly.

Employee Turnover Rate

KMS’s retention rate is significantly better than industry standards. We don’t constantly retrain employees on your product, resulting in efficient ticket resolution.

Improved end-user satisfaction

Efficient issue resolution can have a tremendous impact on loyalty and retention. We create our own knowledge bases and FAQs for quick reference.


With our experience integrating existing support structures, and by offering customer support with different levels of technical expertise, we can:

  • Offload the more technical aspects of support


  • Align with your business priorities by optimizing outcome-based and comprehensive service level agreement (SLA) accountability


  • Reduce call center effort by building automated solutions and increasing customer satisfaction rates by lowering solution turnaround time

Call Center Help Desk Support

Automated solutions reduce the number of support tickets and time to fix issues. Our engineers build automation tools to make your level 1 support team more efficient

Level 2 provides triaging support for customer issues that the call center could not resolve. The representatives in this tier have more technical knowledge and try to find workaround solutions that do not require code changes. If a resolution cannot be found, the ticket will be sent to Level 3.

Level 3 representatives have a deep understanding of the product and can help resolve the most complicated problems (such as a bug in the system or unexpected behavior). Working with the development team, they fix code defects and apply hot patches in the customer environment. If unable to immediately implement the solution, it may be put to a future product enhancement cycle.


We are a global software engineering firm with a Vietnamese heritage. Outsourcing your maintenance and support needs with KMS can help your organization focus on core capabilities and ensure your customers are satisfied.



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