Josh Lieberman


Josh Lieberman is the President of KMS and runs the U.S. business operations and business development function for KMS. He co-founded KMS in 2009, bringing nearly 20 years of experience with global technology consulting organizations to KMS. He decided to start the new journey at KMS because he was fond of building a unique and compelling business – a high value consultative offshore development firm with a very aggressive cost model, leveraging the capabilities in Vietnam.

Josh believes in one thing to help him be successful at KMS. That is being good to people, building trust and having a vision. It’s that simple. He firmly believes that in life, if you are good to people, then good things will happen to you. He acts this way towards his co-workers, his clients and general people he knows in the IT industry and his life.

Josh began his career with Andersen Worldwide initially working on large systems implementations. Later, he moved into selling and leading the delivery of strategy and technology transformation projects for middle market companies. Josh then became the Director of Operations for a $100M operation with over 1,000 consultants within Andersen. He owned all operations functions including Finance, HR, Sales and Marketing. Further, he led the transformation of this 10 office division from a local to a regional operating model.

In 2000, Josh joined the management team of Paragon Solutions, Inc, a US-based technology consulting company. The firm had international development centers in Bangalore, India and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Josh evolved to lead Business Development for Paragon in 2004 and played an instrumental role in the sale of Paragon Solutions to a NASDAQ traded company, FCG. During his tenure with FCG, Josh took the role of President of the Software Services Division. In this role he led the business to significant growth and leveraged over 900 global resources. In 2007, as a Director of FCG, Josh was a key member of the team responsible for the sale of FCG to CSC. From 2007 through 2009, Josh was the Managing Director for the CSC Software Services business where he led the organization in growing CSC’s presence in the Independent Software Vendor Market.

Josh received a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Josh currently lives in Atlanta, US with his wife – Dana, his son – Miles, and his daughter – Luisa.