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Automate Now!

Get a fully functioning, cost effective automation test suite in 6 weeks or less with the Automate Now! package.

  • Making the Transition to Automation

    Give us your test cases, test scripts, use cases, and code requirements and we will convert manual tests into automated tests, reducing testing times and making your organization more efficient.

  • The Best Approach to Automation

    Our experts have defined a step-by-step process to simplify the transition to automated testing. We build out mind maps to evaluate coverage and priorities to determine which automated tests to run and what order provides the most coverage for your investment.

  • Then, We Build

    We build out your new automation framework leveraging our own Katalon Suite or build a subset of your existing framework. Then we provide you with the framework, the automation test scripts, and all other associated assets.


KMS Testing Optimization

A customized approach to testing tailored to each client’s business and technical needs, the KMS Testing Optimization can streamline your testing process by leveraging tools and practices that best suit your organization.

  • A Thorough Assessment

    We look at all aspects of testing, from the technology to the tools and processes to provide you with an in depth evaluation of your current testing model.

  • A KMS Exclusive: The MMM (Mind Map Methodology)

    Our experts have developed a unique approach to mindmapping (The MMM) that breaks down the intricacies of your products and allows us optimize your test investment, manage risk and create a milestone-driven process roadmap.

  • Get Active

    Receive a fully laid out action plan that defines your next steps and recommended processes.

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