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Technology Assessment

Maximize your technology investment and optimize application performance with a full assessment of your current environment and recommendations on how to harden your code and strengthen your products.

  • We’ll Get the Facts Straight

    By allowing us access to your code, use cases, architectural diagrams, defect repository and any other supporting documents, our experienced and qualified engineers & analysts can understand your products and diagnose any critical technology problems.

  • We can adapt to any environment

    Our engineers & analysts have years of experience analyzing existing software architecture and source code to identify areas for improvement and recommend industry best practices.

  • Know your next steps

    We provide you with an architecture and code design review, automated static code analysis, manual code review, and short-term or long-term recommendations


DevOps Efficiency Audit

Reduce cycle time and deploy faster with a full efficiency audit of your system.

  • First Things First

    We perform thorough metrics gathering processes including measuring current cycle times to identify the most critical areas of efficiency bottlenecks.

  • One Step at a Time

    Our experts thoroughly comb through each step of your process – from the requirements gathering stage through to your final QA verification step to determine the efficiency gains.

  • Moving Forward

    Based on the extensive audit, we’ll create an implementation strategy guide complete with the recommended tools and frameworks needed to improve your efficiency and set it up for you in AWS.

devops efficiency audit development kickstarter

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