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driven in value from customer buy outs



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Our founder and President, Josh Lieberman, explains how KMS will help you escape technical debt, reduce your costs, and leapfrog your competition while creating a clear path forward for your organization.

What Can KMS Do For My Company?

As the role of software in market disruption continues, it’s important to have the ability to keep up. Escaping tech debt, accelerating development, and building software your customers love  is more important than ever, and we recognize this. So what makes KMS different than the other software vendors?



Creating value for our customers is our number one priority. Whether that is getting an application to market faster than your competition, or modernizing a platform for better end-user experience, we’re here every step of the way.

We’ve helped generate $1.9 Billion in value from customer buyouts, and 57% of our customers have had exits. Of our eight customers that have been acquired, we’ve assisted in 100% of platform integration.



We leverage an offshore team of more than 1,000 full-time, dedicated employees. Our enterprise level staff is equipped to handle and be responsive to even the toughest challenges. With a 90% customer retention rate, our proof is in our clientele that choose to work with us project after project.

Our teams don’t just take orders either. Our resources proactively provide valuable and intelligent insight to help advance your business and drive revenue. We give you the full package – actionable recommendations for your next steps, a proven and repeatable process, predictable and measurable results.



Looking for more information on the services we offer? We have infographics, blog posts, videos, articles and more to give you a better grasp of our portfolio offering and keep you up to date.

“I bet my company on KMS. KMS was key in our strategy, architecture, and quickly scaled up a team to re-platform our legacy product to a differentiated product with a best-in-class-tech stack. Our sales team and customers LOVE our new flagship product and we are growing aggressively.”

Bill Curran, CEO of Izenda

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