Platform Modernization Replatforming

Platform Modernization

Rapidly migrate your legacy applications to new technologies to improve product performance with a best-in-class user experience.

  • Don’t know where to start?

    We make it easy. Let us help you assess your current platform, evaluate what needs to be updated, select the best technologies for your new platform, and implement and deploy your new solution to improve performance across your infrastructure.

  • Turn-Key Solutions

    From beginning to end, our multi-disciplined teams have the analytical and technical skills to implement new architecture and design with minimal effort from the client in managing the process. You give us the old, we give you the new.

  • The expertise and know-how

    We are experts in modern technologies including Saas, AWS, Azure, JavaScript Frameworks, Mobile Apps, and Microservices architecture. Additionally, we have developed our own proven approach that leverages efficient techniques such as the MMM (Mind Mapping Methodology), code decomposition, and technical business analysis in order to minimize risk and ensure high quality code and faster turn-around.



Make a smooth transition to DevOps with the knowledge and proven methodology needed to reduce cycle time to production while increasing quality and stability.

  • Get started with the right tools

    We begin our process by creating benchmarks of the existing cycle times, allowing us to truly quantify the benefits DevOps brings to any organization. Our expertise in industry standard tools such as Jenkins, Chef, Docker, ELK, & Git as well as cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud allows us to quickly identify areas in the current development/code deployment process where time-to-production can be made more efficient with a consistent and higher quality product output.

  • A Team of Experts

    Our knowledgeable team members provide valuable insight and recommendations to identify breakdowns in your code delivery process and select the proper set of tools. This expertise allows us to improve time to production as well as increase your level of confidence, knowing your product has been tested every step of the way.

  • Unsurpassed Versatility in DevOps

    Our DevOps process can be adapted to work in agile processes in smaller teams, Enterprise-wide, as well as more traditional Gate-based operations.

DevOps Moving to DevOps
Product Development Partnership

Product Development Partnership

We partner with you to build a full, end-to-end new product strategy with a faster time-to-market and higher product quality.

  • Flexible Resources

    Our engagement model provides the option of a full self-sustaining agile development team or an integrated model where our team members blend within your existing agile development teams.

  • Proven Product Lifecycle

    We use our expertise across all aspects of the product lifecycle to create a product roadmap, then work our way through the requirements, development, testing, and deployment of your agile product releases.

  • Cater to your customers and the market

    Our teams are well trained on agile processes, leveraging them to adapt to changing market needs while providing highly functional, quick product releases with the latest and greatest technologies.


Big Data Integration & Analytics

Effectively gather insights and turn your massive amounts of data into valuable and actionable information, giving you a strategic advantage over competitors.

  • Monetize Your Data

    Our teams provide the analysis and operational capability to manage and utilize data in ways your customers and market will pay to access and consume.

  • Leverage Tools and ETL Processes

    We leverage best-in-class tools like Talend, Hive, Microsoft SSIS, Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, Pentaho, and QlikView for a cost effective way to integrate valuable data and visualize and monetize it to drive maximum results.

  • Complete Big Data Solutions

    Our data integration experts take a business-results oriented approach to the analysis, design, and build of Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDW) using SQL or NoSQL based technologies.

Big Data Analytics & Integration Services
Product Development Maintenance and Support

Maintenance & Support

Our metrics driven application maintenance and support framework reduce your support costs and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Better than Duct Tape

    We do more than just provide temporary fixes to defects. We use innovative tools and proven processes to improve product quality, resulting in reduced support costs.

  • Focus on the Future

    Let us handle all product maintenance and support so that your internal resources can continue to focus on your core competency without risking your products integrity.

  • Always Available

    Our resources are flexible and can meet any support requirements. Whether it’s around the clock or a set time frame, your support tickets will be addressed and resolved in a timely manner.


Mobile Solutions

Develop your application on any mobile platform with a dedicated team for iOS, Android, HTML5, Hybrid, or Cross Platform solutions.

  • Connect with Users through preferred methods

    Reach all potential customers on any mobile platform with an app designed and tested to provide the optimal user experience.

  • Tie-in existing platforms technologies

    Mobile apps can be built to work with existing backend technologies to expedite time to market while still providing a high quality product.

  • Stay flexible with the market

    Quickly respond to changing market demands by utilizing agile development approaches and flexible frameworks.

Mobile Development

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