Confidently deliver products to customers by implementing a testing strategy that tests early and often, assuring comprehensive coverage and minimal risk.


At KMS, we apply a Shift-Left, Automation-first mindset in everything we build. This philosophy enables our testers to help deliver software with extremely high confidence.

Our approach guarantees continuous testing coverage via automation combined with the real-world assurance of manual testing.

For a seamless progression towards continuous delivery, KMS’s strategic testing model iteratively adopts:

DevOps practices

Advanced functional/ non-functional testing techniques

Detailed business assurance workflows


KMS has the comprehensive expertise necessary to ensure our testing efforts align and scale with your business needs.


API Testing

KMS uses leading practices and open-source tools to drastically reduce your delivery cycles and evaluate APIs on specifications, performance, error handling and security.

Scale your API Strategy

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Automation Frameworks

With experience in building new automation frameworks and modernizing obsolete frameworks, our experts can help define the right automation framework to meet your needs.

Find your Automation Framework

Software Testing | Quality Assurance | Outsource Software Testing


Our microservices testing strategy provides the critical isolation and impact analysis necessary to deploy, scale and update services in any architecture with the maximum efficiency.

Learn more about Microservices

Continuous Testing

By adopting continuous testing, you are joining the pioneering companies ahead of the curve to accelerate your testing velocity and shortening the delivery lifecycle.

Learn how to adopt Continuous Testing

User Interface

Our extensive UI testing strategy ensures that the look and behavior of applications deliver a flawless user experience across all available browsers and platforms.

Learn how to build a rich User Interface


Operational Readiness

Our testing approach supports the evolving maturity of applications, utilizing tools and techniques to ensure the highest quality version of your product is delivered with minimal risk.

Exploratory Testing

Our testers apply a structured approach to exploratory testing and proactively pursue workflows that have potential for risks based on domain experience, modeling, creativity and intuition.


Performance Engineering

To identify and resolve performance bottlenecks earlier, our integrated approach includes performance and load validations as part of the core team deliverables within sprints and release cycles.


Performance Testing

Our end-to-end performance testing solutions offer detailed analysis of all observed issues with recommendations and help implementing performance-related resolutions.


We handpick the right tools and apply the best testing strategy (functional, performance, and app security) to meet your enterprise objectives and budget with the fastest possible turnaround.


DevOps Strategy

To kickstart your DevOps strategy, we can integrate testing within your team as quickly as possible while tracking and measuring the impact of DevOps organizational success.

Automated Test Orchestration

With proven experience in continuous integration environments, we can effectively leverage infrastructure automation tools to support your adoption of continuous delivery.


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