Your testing strategy should keep the end-user experience in mind. To stay ahead in the market, it’s imperative that software products have a super-fast and rich user interface, with considerable business logic and features built in.


User interfaces are a key contributing factor for brand awareness, loyalty, and adoption. Since user interfaces are crucial to the success of your application, consistent and effective testing at this layer is crucial.

Check the usability, consistency, and compatibility of your application

Minimize end-user errors with repeatable and consistent testing before releases

Ensure business processes and associated logic within the interface work as expected

Automate to test behavior differences between platforms with cross-browser and cross-platform testing


Our proven approach allows testers to discover usability and functional flaws before they are detected by the end users, minimizing redesign and refactoring costs later. KMS applies a business assurance-based testing approach that includes the use of automation tools which can be adopted into a continuous integration environment.


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Make sure your end-users are happy.