Use our software testing services to confidently deliver products to your customers. By testing early and often, you can ensure comprehensive coverage and minimize risk.


At KMS, we apply a shift-left, automation-first mindset to everything we build. This mindset allows our testers to deliver software with extremely high confidence.

Our approach guarantees test coverage throughout the software development process. To do this, we combine automation with the real-world assurance of manual testing.

To help our clients seamlessly move towards continuous delivery, our testing model iteratively adopts:

DevOps practices

Advanced functional/non-functional testing techniques

Detailed business assurance workflows


We make sure that our testing efforts align and scale with your business needs. Our testers’ knowledge spans across all types of software testing. This means we have the experience and knowledge to build a custom test strategy for your business.


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API Testing

We use best practices and open-source tools to reduce your delivery cycles. To do this, our testers evaluate your APIs based on their specifications, performance, error handling, and security.

We can scale your API Strategy.

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Automation Frameworks

We can build new automation frameworks for you or modernize your obsolete frameworks. Our experts can help define the right automation framework to meet your needs.

Find the right Automation Framework for your business.

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Our microservices testing strategy provides you with critical isolation and impact analysis. This allows us to deploy, scale, and update services in any architecture.

Let us tell you more about Microservices.

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Continuous Testing

We can help you to join the pioneering companies that have adopted continuous testing. Continuous testing helps you accelerate your test velocity and shorten the delivery lifecycle.

We can help you adopt Continuous Testing.

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User Interface

Our UI testing strategy makes sure you give your customers a flawless user experience. We make sure everything is working across all browsers and platforms.

Learn how to build a rich User Interface.


Operational Readiness

We can support your platforms as they continue to evolve. Our testers use proven tools and techniques to make sure you deliver the best version of your product.

Exploratory Testing

When we do exploratory testing, our testers use a structured approach. To do this, they pull from their domain experience, modeling, and intuition to pursue workflows that have the potential for risks.


Performance Engineering

Our goal is to find and fix performance bottlenecks sooner. To do this, we include performance and load validations as part of our sprint deliverables.


Performance Testing

We give you end-to-end performance testing solutions. As part of this solution, we give you a detailed analysis of all of the issues we find. We then use this analysis to recommend solutions and help you fix issues with performance.


Our team keeps your goals and budget in mind while we develop your testing strategy. We handpick tools and focus on functional testing, performance testing, and app security. All while sticking to a fast turnaround time. 


DevOps Strategy

To kickstart your DevOps strategy, we start by integrating testing in your teams. As part of this process, we track and measure the impact of DevOps organizational success.

Automated Test Orchestration

Our teams have proven experience in continuous integration environments. Because of this, we can help you adopt continuous delivery. We do this by working with you to weave test automation into your pipeline. 


What is Shift Left Testing? The global movement in testing has become centered around shift left models as more and more companies adopt agile and DevOps practices, which further support microservices…

Work with KMS to Optimize Your Software Testing Strategy.