KMS Team

KMS Team

We are often asked by our customers, industry peers and pretty much everyone else, “Why Vietnam?” As in, why would you choose to offshore to Vietnam when there are other viable options that everyone else already knows about? Well, the answer is surprisingly simple: we are based there because of the amazing work ethic, growing economy and a welcoming culture.

Vietnam’s strong economy and rising technology boom are showing promise for the outsourcing industry in comparison to its western neighbor India. Industry insiders speculate Vietnam could even become the Silicon Valley of the Eastern hemisphere.

Many companies looking to outsource their business look to countries like India. While the industry may be larger and more established in those, Vietnam has several advantages to consider.

Why offshore to Vietnam?


With a strong educated population, rising economy, and booming industry research continues to show that Vietnam is the place to offshore your business.

This blog was originally posted in 2016. It has been updated with relevant information. 

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