Mush Honda

Mush Honda

VP of Testing Services

Is your organization considering implementing Continuous Testing as part of the Continuous Delivery Cycle? If so, it’s a smart move.

How do we know? Well, we recently explored the topic in our eBook, 3,2,1…Liftoff! How Continuous Testing Launches Continuous Delivery Into Orbit. The eBook looks at the implementation process, organizational goals, achieved outcomes, and challenges faced by 135 industry professionals whose organizations have implemented continuous testing. We then discussed those results with 5 industry leaders to understand their perspective on how continuous testing is changing the industry.

While we don’t want to spoil the eBook for you (seriously, check it out it’s a great read!) we did want to highlight some of our key findings. How did companies make the decision to adopt continuous testing, what did that process look like, and what were the benefits?

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Continuous Testing

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