Buu Nguyen | Chief Technologist | Grove | Sprynkl | UpStar Labs

Buu truly believes technology makes lives better and devotes his career to building and investing in products that improve businesses and benefit society.

Buu Nguyen, Chief Technologist

Buu Nguyen is a founding member and the Chief Technologist at KMS Technology. He co-founded and leads UpStar Labs, the product development and investment arm of KMS Technology. At UpStar he leads the investment diligence process and works closely with portfolio companies on product and technology strategy.


Buu has 16 years of experience developing large-scale software and leading high-performing teams at many companies. He was the CTO of Kobiton, a cloud mobile device platform and the Technical Director at QASymphony, the creator of several leading agile testing software. At Google, he worked on a key product of the Google Marketing Platform and led the front-end development of 2 other early-stage products. He also spent 3 years teaching software architecture and enterprise software development at RMIT University, his alma mater.


Buu is deeply passionate about technology and able to navigate fluently between business strategy, software architecture and the lowest levels of implementation details. He is an expert in many software platforms, programming languages and an active open-source contributor. His work on BabelJS, SwaggerJS, Octotree, Combres and many others has benefitted millions of software developers. Besides his direct  involvement in building software products, Buu advises and invests in startups focused on solving important problems in many domains.


Buu lives in sunny Southern California with his family.

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