KMS Technology is a US-based product engineering and services company with development and testing centers in Vietnam. We work primarily with software companies to accelerate the delivery of innovative software solutions and make offshore outsourcing easier and more effective.


We stand out from other outsourcing providers because we have ideated, incubated, funded and built 3 different market leading software product companies with thousands of enterprise clients and hundreds of thousands of users. Because we have sat in your shoes as a software company entrepreneur, operator and investor, we understand what it takes to build a world-class software company with high-quality software. Software Product Development is in our DNA.

Since our establishment in 2009, we’ve been successful in delivering hundreds of products for growing software companies while helping them implement leading-edge software development practices. Our clientele has driven $1.9B in value from acquisition and investor buyouts. Become a part of the KMS Portfolio of Success.


We provide more highly-productive, value-added teams

We deliver higher-quality software

We know the software business better than other outsourcing providers


Be a visionary global technology group with a portfolio of innovative Service and Product businesses.

Remain privately held, giving the management team control of its strategy and direction.

Achieve success by creating value and making a positive impact on the success of our customers and clients.

Provide guidance and support to our staff to help them define and reach their potential.

Provide tangible contributions and improvements to our communities.


“Previous vendors, it’s been just a numbers activity instead of a real understanding of our purpose. My business starts with why we do what we do. Other vendors are just bodies in chairs. Not KMS.”

Paul Taylor

Director of Solutions Delivery at ERT

With a proven track record, we help clients leverage best-in-class software to accelerate time-to-market and reach more customers.

We provide a scalable resource model with flexible resources so customers can keep up with ever-changing demands.

Our teams provide valuable and intelligent insights to help our clients achieve business goals and drive revenue.

We offer actionable recommendations through a proven and repeatable process to improve quality and results.


Our leadership team has decades of experience building software products on a global scale.

Vu Lam

CEO, Co-Founder

Josh Lieberman

President, Co-Founder

Kaushal-Amin-Chief Technology Officer - KMS Technology
Kaushal Amin


Leo Tucker



KMS Technology is a global outsourcing company, with deep roots in Vietnam. We pride ourselves on our heritage and feel it gives us the strength to create real value for our customers. Click below to read more.

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