KMS Technology is a leading provider of software development, testing services, and consulting. Based out of Atlanta, GA with offices in California and Vietnam, KMS works exclusively with ISV’s to accelerate the delivery of innovative software solutions and make offshore outsourcing easier and more effective.

Rapidly evolving technologies such as mobile, web, big data analytics and business intelligence are driving the modernization of software platforms and applications.

Business and product teams are expected to deliver high-quality software applications to an increasingly demanding customer base, fast.  The need to be more agile and flexible throughout the software delivery lifecycle is driving organizations to develop global software delivery strategy that leverages outsourced partners to accelerate delivery and achieve a higher quality at a lower costs to stay competitive.

There is an increasing demand for software development talent to spin up new teams and scale quickly to meet customer and business demands. However, hiring internal resources to address all development needs is impractical and inefficient given the cost, timeframe and the shortage of available IT talent to fill the roles needed to support a focused, modern development strategy.    This can delay updating legacy platforms and slow the rate of new development to meet requirements of the future, putting the business at a disadvantage.

What if there was another way?

What if you could leverage deep industry expertise, strategic insight, technical expertise, and onsite management that is seamlessly blended into your existing business processes and internal development teams?  By engaging a strong partner that offers inventive solutions and implements effective processes, frameworks and toolkits, you can spend less time focusing on technical debt, customer maintenance and managing junior offshore resources.  You can spend more time developing high-quality software that is core to your business.  Getting the right resources, with the right skills at the right time AND having the ability to expand and contract teams as needed without the associated overhead can increase productivity and reduce labor costs.  This saves you time and money, and accelerates your time to market.

KMS Technology’s solutions-oriented approach and scalable resource model allows organizations to be flexible and adapt quickly to ever-changing customer demands and modernization of software, while staying focused on their core competency.

KMS is passionate about its commitment and dedication to customer success, helping customers deliver on their business promises and enabling them to be proactive and focused on the future, advancing business and driving revenue.

Organizations leveraging KMS can exponentially improve productivity and software quality, reduce operational costs and speed time-to market, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

Why We’re Different


Software development is more than delivering quality software on time. The true measure is customer adoption and satisfaction.  KMS is passionate about its commitment and dedication to customer success, thereby helping its customers deliver on their business promises.


Offshore partners should be held to the same standards as internal resources, providing structure, thought leadership and innovation.  KMS provides value with high caliber, experienced, independent thinkers that offer innovative solutions and implement effective processes, frameworks and tool kits to make every engagement successful.


Technology continues to advance with the rise of mobile platforms and applications, business intelligence, and big data analytics.  Software providers need flexible, agile solutions and technology expertise that supports their development and product strategy.  KMS’s dynamic approach enables organizations to be flexible and adapt quickly to ever-changing customer demands and modernization of technology.


Software providers need a reliable, disciplined offshore partner that understands the business problems you are trying to solve and helps you leverage the right resources to do it.  KMS teams are knowledgeable, highly collaborative and integrate seamlessly into your existing development strategy as an extension of your team.


Businesses are expected to be more efficient and productive while reducing operational costs.  Development is often forced to divert focus away from building core software applications to managing technical debt and addressing customer requests. KMS increases productivity and reduces costs, enabling organizations to prioritize and focus resources in alignment with overall business objectives that drive revenue.


In today’s competitive global economy, software providers need to deliver modern, cutting edge technology faster to drive customer adoption.  KMS helps customers scale teams, processes and technology at a rapid pace throughout the software delivery lifecycle,  giving customers a competitive advantage by accelerating speed-to-market.

Why We’re Different

Why We’re Different

We make offshore outsourcing easy and effective by focusing on our customers needs and providing the scalable resource model that allows your organization the adaptability to flex with customers constantly changing demands. Our teams don’t just take orders either. Our resources proactively provide valuable and intelligent insight to help advance your business and drive revenue. We give you the full package – actionable recommendations for your next steps, a proven and repeatable process, and predictable and measurable results.


Meet The Team

KMS is a team of bright minded individuals that build brilliant solutions. As an agile and innovative organization, KMS encourages creative thinking and continuous learning to make sure our employees never stop learning, applying, and growing their careers.


KMS Gives

At KMS Technology, we believe in giving back to our community. That is why we partner with organizations we’re passionate about. As a part of Pledge 1%, we’re committed to donating 1% of our product, 1% of equity, and 1% of employee time to improve communities in Georgia, Vietnam, and California.

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KMS Gives