CX Technologies needed a partner they could trust to help build from the ground up, and eventually scale with them as their business grew. Knowing they could create a solution that would revolutionize the CRM industry, CX Technologies turned to KMS to help build the robust, multi-channel product they envisioned.

“KMS had, by far, the best mobile and multi-channel experience of any outsourcing vendor we interviewed. The choice was easy.”
David Trice – CEO and Co-Founder | CX Technologies

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Success story: Geronimo

KMS and Geronimo share common values in their work toward giving back to the community. With limited documentation available, team KMS was proactive in proposing new features for the website and mobile apps, managing the site’s performance and adopting an agile and fast-paced approach to collecting and executing the requirements.

Success story: Health Market Science

HMS needed more talent to complete product backlog work in a shorter timeframe and, at the same time, increase their speed-to-market with new features. Within six month of positive track records, HMS made the leap of faith to KMS and augmented their team, increasing the KMS team to 20.